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Preschool Language Scale - Fourth Edition (PLS-4UK)

Preschool Language Scale - Fourth Edition (PLS-4UK)
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Measure young children's receptive and expressive language. Includes expanded coverage of language skills with new UK norms.

Age Range

Birth to 6 years 5 months


Individual - 20 to 45 minutes

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Preschool Language Scale - Fourth Edition (PLS-4UK)

I L Zimmerman, R E Pond, V G Steiner


PLS-4UK has expanded coverage of language skills with new UK norms to obtain an even more accurate picture of a child's language skills.

  •            For children up to 2 years 11 months, there are more items targeting interaction, attention and vocal/gestural behaviours
  •            For 5 and 6 year olds, there are more items targeting early literacy and phonological awareness skills for school readiness
  •           The test includes a reproducible Caregiver Questionnaire in which parents or carers share their knowledge of the child's typical communication at home
  •           Now includes manipulatives: a ball; soft cloth; 5 blocks; 2 cars; 3 cups; 2 rattles; a box with lid; 3 spoons; 2 bowls; a squeaky toy; 2 wind-up toys and a teddy bear.

Product Items

PLS 4UK Complete Kit: Examiner's Manual, Picture Manual, 25 Record Forms and Manipulatives in a Bag. Warning - Choking Hazard for Children Under 3 Years
Item # MPS02 – 9145002
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PLS 4UK Record Forms (Pack of 25)
Item # MPS02 – 9145026
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