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Parent Adolescent Relationship Questionnaire™ (PARQ™)

Parent Adolescent Relationship Questionnaire™ (PARQ™)
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Understand the parent-adolescent relationship

Age Range

Self -report, Individual and/or group


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Parent Adolescent Relationship Questionnaire™ (PARQ™)

A.Robin, Ph.D., T. Koepke, Ph.D. & Anne Moye, Ph.D.;
Professional Manual by A. Robin, Ph.D., T. Koepke, Ph.D., A. Moye, Ph.D. and R. Gerhardstein, Ph.D.

The PARQ examines the relationships between adolescents and parents and enables you to plan effective treatments through an understanding of the multifaceted adolescent-parent relationship. Based in behavioral family systems therapy (BFST), the PARQ can help you improve the relationship between adolescents and their parents by inspecting views that fall into the following domains: Overt Conflict/Skill Deficits, Beliefs, and Family Structure.

Clinicians then can emphasize problem-solving and communication skills, cognitive restructuring of extreme beliefs and distorted thinking, and/or specific problems in family functioning, depending on the interventions that are most needed.

In addition, the effectiveness of individual and family interventions can be measured by periodically readministering the PARQ to determine whether significant change has occurred. The PARQ also can be used as an outcome measure in treatment effectiveness research as well as a process measure in family interaction, adolescent development, and theoretical research.

  • Separate forms for adolescents and parents are written at a 5th-grade reading level and in the first person to elicit current thoughts.
  • Two validity scales and 12 clinical scales assess the parent-adolescent relationship in detail unmatched by other, similar assessments.
  • Scales assess global distress and conflict in the realms of communication, problem solving, school, siblings, and eating behavior. Scales also assess various maladaptive beliefs including autonomy, ruination, unfairness, perfectionism, and malicious intent. Finally, scales assess family structure and functioning including cohesion, coalitions (side-taking), and triangulation (putting family members in the middle of conflict).
  • Reliable change scores and T-score and percentile ranges are provided separately for adolescents, mothers, and fathers.

Average profiles are included for ADHD, ODD, anxiety, depression, eating disorder, and spina bifida clinical groups. 

Product Items

PARQ Kit: Manual, 10 Parent Re-usable Item Booklets, 25 Parent Response Booklets, 25 Parent Profile Forms, 10 Adolescent Re-usable Item Booklets, 25 Adolescent Response Booklets & 25 Adolescent Profile Forms
Item # MPS04-6578KT
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PARQ Professional Manual
Item # MPS04-6579TM
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PARQ Parent Re-usable Item Booklets (Pack of 10)
Item # MPS04-6580TB
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PARQ Parent Response Booklets (Pack of 25)
Item # MPS04-6581RF
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PARQ Parent Profile Forms (Pack of 25)
Item # MPS04-6582P
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PARQ Adolescent Profile Forms (Pack of 25)
Item # MPS04-6585PF
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PARQ Adolescent Re-usable Item Booklets (Pack of 10)
Item # MPS04-6583TB
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PARQ Adolescent Response Booklets (Pack of 25)
Item # MPS04-6584RF
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PARQ Combination Kit--CD-ROM: Manual, Unlimited-Use Software, 10 Parent Re-usable Item Bookl, 25 Parent Resp Bookl, 25 Parent Prof Frms, 10 Adolesc Re-usable Item Bookl, 25 Adolesc Resp Bookl, 25 Adolesc Prof Frms, Quick Start Guide & On Screen Help
Item # MPS04-6587CP
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