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Fingergym™ Fine Motor Skills School Readiness Program

Fingergym™ Fine Motor Skills School Readiness Program
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Fingergym™ Fine Motor Skills School Readiness Program


Included in this manual is supportive basic theory about the development of fine motor skills and how important the acquisition of these skills are to a child’s early feelings of success in the classroom and overall early academic performance, different options for implementing the program in your own unique classroom situation, instructions on how to prepare and set up for the program, 140 fine motor main activities plus many other extension activities, and appendices containing a 24-session sample program, a list of all of the fine motor activities contained in this manual, skills checklists, some activity photographs, and various reproducible program information letters.


Fingergyngles™ CD
The Fingergyngles™ CD accompanies the activities and assists the children to transition independently from one activity to the next with a catchy musical cue and the voices of two animal characters: Fidget the Fingergym Frog and Mani the Mouse. There are three tracks on the CD. Track 1 is an introductory track, and tracks 2 and 3 have different running times for the program: 16 minutes on Track 2 and 26 minutes on Track 3.

Resource CD
The resource CD contains all of the documents included in the appendices of this manual so that they can be customised as required, and templates for suggested activities and awards. It is a valuable and time-saving resource for busy teachers

The Fingergym™ Fine Motor Skills School Readiness Program is a unique Australian-developed, classroom-trialled, group program that uses fun and motivating fine motor–based activities to help children become more independent in the classroom.

Developed by experienced occupational therapy and education professionals, this program is a must-have for any preschool, kindergarten, prep, or primary educational setting. Fingergym™ incorporates play-based learning to encourage problem-solving by “having a go”, no matter what the outcome. In this way children learn confidence and resilience in the classroom while mastering essential developmental skills.


Includes over 140 activities covering aspects such as strengthening, kinaesthesia, proprioception, spatial planning, eye-hand coordination, fine motor speed, letter and number formation, and cutting.

Published as a book and two-CD collection, the Fingergym™ is based on a firm theoretical background and comes with full instructions, customisable forms, printable templates and sheets, and a timed musical track to guide children through their activities. Helpful curriculum links to such areas as mathematics, science, language, reading, writing, and art allow integration of the program with teaching requirements.

‘Simple skills like the ability to hold a pencil correctly or cut with scissors underpin a child's whole schooling and attitude to learning.’


Why use Fingergym?


• Teaches essential foundation skills.


• Promotes the esteem-boosting value of success.


• Encourages independencein the classroom and at home.


• Inexpensive to implement across an entire centre


• Children love it!


• Based on well-resarched, firm theoretical frameworks.


• Already used in over 600 Australian schools, childcare centres, and clinics.




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